Strategic Oil & Gas Investing

API Resources provides accredited investors the opportunity to boost their portfolios and significantly lower their tax burden by acquiring valuable energy assets.

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Monthly Cash Flow & Tax Deductions

Significant ROI potential and multiple tax benefits are just two of the reasons to strongly consider oil and gas investing with API Resources. Contact us today for a free consultation and investing prospectus.

Increased Value

By eliminating unnecessary costs beyond that of the well, API Resources gives the investor one of the strongest ownership percentage values in the industry.

Unmatched Communication & Expertise

With a team of industry experts, API Resources carefully selects programs with minimal risk and the highest income potential.  Our team takes tremendous pride in keeping investors updated at all times.

Finally, a company that puts the investor first.

At API Resources, we are structured to ensure that the investor always comes first. By keeping business expenses low without compromising the integrity and quality of the prospect, APIR gives partners the opportunity to achieve a fruitful energy portfolio for many years to come.

API Resources selects and offers direct ownership in oil and gas wells in proven areas , to ensure a maximum return for each of our partners.

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Benefits and Tax Advantages

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